Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yep. I caught the two garden pigeons sunbathing this afternoon. The picture was taken through a closed window - I could not get any closer.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Marechal Foch

When my orthodontic adventure started in March 2008 I knew surgery was required to get the job done properly. I did not know what “surgery” exactly meant then. I know now.
On 26 June 2009 I was hospitalized for bilateral sagittal split osteotomy as well as chin reduction. My lower jaw was moved forward a bit more than 1 cm. My chin was shortened. Moreover, the surgeon extracted three wisdom teeth. He argued in my case it would not endanger the split osteotomy. In order to avoid problems it is more customary to extract wisdom teeth six months prior to surgery. Mine were not removed, because there was enough maneuvering space. Only after the set up did the surgeon see he could not carry out the operation properly because one wisdom tooth was positioned too high compared to the other teeth.
The procedure took place at Sint Augustinus Veurne, a fairly small hospital. People there were friendly, all went well. It is the first time I woke up in my room after surgery. I do not remember spending time in recovery.
On 27 June I was ready to return home (fortunately). Shortly after my arrival the doorbell rang. An unexpected but welcome visitor greeted me. Marechal Foch. I offered him a neat spot in the garden yesterday. He is carrying four, no five little green grapes. Cannot wait for the harvest! Do not know a thing about growing grapes, but I will learn!
Mind you, I was scared to death for this op. Thought I would not survive. It turned out to be far less gruesome than I expected.
Although I look like Popeye or at least the Incredible Hulk, the pain is very manageable. My main problem was/is swallowing. My head and throat were/are so swollen that hardly anything can pass my throat. I am also beginning to turn green, purple and black. At the moment it is difficult for me to imagine what my face and profile will look like when the swelling is gone – I get the impression though the doctor has done a decent job.
I also feel faint and weak. I lack energy. This morning (Monday June 29) I nearly fainted when I got up. So I tried to eat a little something more than artificial energy drinks: scrambled eggs. Yummie Yummie! At lunch time there was more yummie yummie. I had soup and… and the remainder of my breakfast. I also managed to eat a soft cake.
Those energy drinks the hospital gave me taste lousy. Getting food into my mouth and swallowing it takes time and effort, but hey, who cares? I have got all day. Moreover there is a tasty grape harvest on the way.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yesterday my eye discovered an oddity in the Camellia container. Is this the right word? Something new and exciting is growing in there! I wonder if it is a regular plant... Do not really recognize the leaves. However, miracles do happen, you know.


Today is the longest day of the year. Have not done anything special. Thinking, reading, sleeping. Still have an ocean of time to do the cleaning. Is there an accurate description for the mood I am in? Yes!
Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability (Sam Keen). That is it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Get behind the mule in Vancouver

I hope that Classic Rock 101 keeps this interview with Jeff online for a while, for I sure enjoyed watching him and listening to some of the tunes he picked. Guess what? Big Mama Thornton and her Hound Dog were there too. Cool.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today Arno has made use of the doggie toilet for the first time since its official inauguration. Is this the end of his stubborn refusal to "perform" there? The near future will tell.