Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Big Ask Again - Dance For The Climate

Nic Balthazar says:

"The waiting is over. The clip is on-line!!!!
Please share and spread over the whole planet as fast and massive as you can click.
Or just You Tube it: Dance for the Climate. (and say nice things ;-) )
Also please start to dance yourself, and spread the message that everyone can join the dance, by uploading his own dance-video (preferably to the same Magnificent song). The idea is to make a huge international dance-petition.
Word is that the Copenhagen Climate summit would already fail to deliver. Let's all join the movement to tell them that failure is just not an option.
We just need to start moving! Together.
Hope you'll all like the clip, and thanks to everyone who contributed!!
Let's make it work!
Nic Balthazar"