Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pluske Wacht Op Oma

Pluske joined us when she was 13 years old after the death of my grandfather. Each day around lunch time she went to the living room and sat by the window waiting for my mother to come home. This is a "drawing" I made on a piece of paper years ago. It is now pinned to one of the kitchen cupboards - a beautiful memory of a wonderful and special friend, who went to dog heaven two years later.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Keep it clean

This is the filthiest house ever! for over 8 years two people lived in this house. The female had not been outside and was living in her own waste. Her partner simpley took her food and climbed over the mounds of waste removed her bowls of excrement and tipped it in the rest of the house.
Amazingly these people were in the care of the Social Services. Eventually the male partner went on a drinking binge for three days. The tenant in the flat below were alerted by banging from the flat above
and called the police who could not get up the stairs so the fire service were called to effect a rescue and removed the female through the window.

Iceland's Volcano

The Boston Globe has a series of pictures on the devastating eruption of Iceland's volcano. What a chaos it has created in Europe.


Hammer Toast

Wildfeather uses wife's toast to hammer a nail into a cutting board in this short comedy, "Hammer Toast".