Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beards from below

You must grow a beard in order to have a beard from below. Begin the process by not shaving. Occasionally look up and ask your friends if you have a beard from below yet. Since friends usually lie, it's best to take a picture of your beard from below and send it to for confirmation.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Zero Gravity

There are thousands of people that are exploring some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. This chapter we will take you to Norway Switzerland and France where people are jumping cliffs as high as 6,000 feet.

Experience Zero Gravity will hopefully provide you with the feeling and the emotion that we feel when we think about the experience of Base Jumping in the most scenic locations of the world.

We hope you can see this world from our eyes.

Experience Zero Gravity from Betty Wants In on Vimeo.

Domestic Camouflage

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Different Dishes

Cheese lovers listen up, as here comes a cheesy dish that originated on the pleasant island of Sardinia. The dish, however, is far from pleasant and was actually banned by the EU because of the health risks associated with it. The name of this local delicacy is called ‘Casu Marzu’ which literally means rotten cheese.

Now I’m sure we’ve all seen or even eaten mouldy cheese before, but this type of cheese actually contains thousands of live maggots! Yes, that’s right. The cheese is deliberately left outside in the heat in order for festering cheese flies to lay their eggs inside and there you have it, a maggot-ridden cheese dish. In order for this recipe to be eaten, the maggots have to remain living or else the locals will even tell you that it is too toxic to eat.

The maggots still remain dangerous even when alive, however, as they can cause allergic reactions and even lead to intestinal larval infection. If the maggots survive in the stomach, they could eventually feed their way into the intestinal walls causing horrendous stomach pains, sessions of vomiting, bloody diarrhoea and even death. I think I’ll stick to cheddar thanks!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lab Chimps See Daylight For The First Time In 30 Years

THIS is the moment a group of chimpanzees sees daylight for the first time in 30 years — after being locked in cages for medical testing.
The animals hugged each other in delight before they took their first steps outside.
Emotional footage, below, shows how they reacted to their new surroundings.
The outing marked the end of a 14-year bid to re-integrate the 38 primates after they spent most of their lives cooped up inside.
One commentator said: "They hugged as if saying, 'We're finally free'. And then they laughed."



Van Morrison Interview - Orphanage Concert, 1974

After seeing this interview on Facebook, I wanted to share it here. Some parts are difficult to understand (for me), but I just blame it on Van and the noisy rooom (LOL).